Sunday, 16 June 2013

Post 7: My Big Fat Diet

More supporting evidence for a low carb high fat diet comes from the TV programme 'My Big Fat Diet' (2008, Bare Bones Productions Inc) 
I saw the programmed shared amongst various pages/sites online and watched the programme in parts via YouTube My Big Fat Diet

The programme follows a fishing community from Alert Bay in Canada. Dr Jay Wortman MD asks members of the community to partake in a year long study which requires them to eat a low carb high fat diet.The study is supported by a nurse who had frequent contact with all the participants taking measurements, weights etc. 

Results from the study show that weight loss was not the only benefit from following this type of eating plan.

If you get chance it really is worth the watch. There are other films from the series as well on YouTube.

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  1. The high-fat diet increased such levels; the low-fat diet lowered them. The results not only suggest how Kathy an unhealthy diet may contribute to Alzheimer's, but imply that changing one's diet might be one way to lower Alzheimer's risk.