Saturday, 15 June 2013

Post 4 : Random Ramblings

As I've mentioned in some recent posts that I'm new to LCHF and I must admit that sometimes I get confused by it.

Low carbohydrates High fat and as I understand it Moderate amounts of protein.

This is ok, until you go shopping where every food label is geared towards the conventional nutritional advice. Today I must have been in my Sainbury's local a good hour pouring over food labels. 

This is something I need to read on, or make a list beforehand maybe. As much as I like eggs there are getting a bit much for every meal!! it also doesn't help maybe that I'm rather particular about what I eat. 

This lifestyle is simple to maintain.... I just need a little more practice, or make rules when I go shopping.... not a bad idea.

In other news......

The fitness side is going ok, 3rd workout and 2nd run session completed to date. I'm a little sore and tired but its going well, a bit more motivation was needed for this morning but I smashed it. 

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